COVID-19 Resources

As Americans join together to defeat COVID-19, governments at all levels have shown us an unprecedented response. At the Federal level, laws are being passed in rapid succession, regulations are being prepared, and agencies are working tirelessly to implement new laws and temporary relief measures, all while working remotely, shutting posts of duty, and government workers are subject to potentially contracting the highly contagious coronavirus themselves.

The acts which Congress has already passed affect every business, man, woman, and child in the United States.  In some cases the Congress has added significant provisions to the Internal Revenue Service. Others are in the realm of labor law. Shown below are some resources on the many developments in response to COVID-19. It is a work in progress. New information is coming out daily and we will be frequently updating this page, to include our own commentary and analysis. Check often for updates.



Federal Legislation Related to Coronavirus Response

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)FFRCA responds to the COVID-19 outbreak by providing paid sick leave, tax credits, and free COVID-19 testing; expanding food assistance and unemployment benefits; and increasing Medicaid funding.


  • Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act, H.R. 7010: Amends the Small Business Act and the CARES Act to modify certain provisions related to the forgiveness of loans under the paycheck protection program, to allow recipients of loan forgiveness under the paycheck protection program to defer payroll taxes, and for other purposes.


IRS Issued Notices and Announcements Relating to Coronavirus Relief Measures

  • IR-2020-62, IRS: Employee Retention Credit available for many businesses financially impacted by COVID-19

  • IR 2020-61, Economic impact payments: What you need to know

  • IR-2020-59, IRS unveils new People First Initiative; COVID-19 effort temporarily adjusts, suspends key compliance program

  • IR-2020-58, Tax Day now July 15: Treasury, IRS extend  filing deadline and federal tax payments regardless of amount

  • IR-2020-57, Treasury, IRS and Labor announce plan to implement Coronavirus-related paid leave for workers and tax credits for small and midsize businesses to swiftly recover the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave

  • Treasury News Release: Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on Deferring Tax Payments Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

  • IR-2020-54, IRS: High-deductible health plans can cover coronavirus costs

  • IR-2020-64, IRS issues warning about Coronavirus-related scams; watch out for schemes tied

  • Notice 2020-22, Relief from Penalty for Failure to Deposit Employment Taxes

  • IRS Internal Memo, IRS to allow email, images of signatures and digital signature

  • IR-2020-66, IRS extends more tax deadlines to cover individuals, trusts, estates corporations and others

  • IR-2020-68, IRS urges taxpayers to use electronic options; outlines online assistance

  • Notice 2020-21: Effective Date for Employment Tax Credits Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

  • News Release IR-2020-77: Treasury, IRS announce cross-border tax guidance related to travel disruptions arising from the COVID-19 emergency

  • Rev. Proc. 2020-20: Provides procedures for Eligible Individuals to claim the COVID-19 Medical Condition Travel Exception in relation to the substantial presence test

  • Rev. Proc. 2020-27: Provides a waiver of the time requirements of section 911(d)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code




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