Audits, Protests & Appeals

If you have been selected for an audit, it is important to seek legal representation.  Audits can often be stressful and time consuming and should not be taken lightly.  Our Sacramento tax attorneys are experienced in representing clients undergoing audits.

  • Complex Audits – Audits can be very daunting. When the audits involve complex issues of tax law, multiple entities, or the prospect of Tax Litigation, an audit can be overwhelming. The need for the assistance of a qualified tax professional is heightened in complex audits to help ensure a fair outcome.

  • Negotiations with Revenue Agents – Revenue Agents are tasked with the responsibility of examining financial records during the course of an audit and determining any adjustments to the tax liability reported in the tax return at issue. Communication, timely and complete responses, and negotiation with a Revenue Agent are critical components of the audit process.

  • Protest Letters – A protest letter allows a taxpayer to state in writing their disagreement with an IRS determination, the basis for that disagreement, and to request an administrative appeal.

  • Settlement Conferences with IRS Appeals – A Taxpayer’s case may find its way into appeals for any number of reasons, including disagreement with tax and penalty assessments, IRS liens or levies activity, or to propose a collection alternative such as an installment agreement, or offer in compromise.

  • Audit Reconsideration – Audit reconsideration allows a taxpayer who disagrees with an assessment from an audit a second opportunity to have the tax liability adjusted.